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Suleman Fatimie at Startup Grind Kabul – Afghanistan

Mr. Syed Kamal, speaking to Education TV & Radio (ERTV)

BAZAR: Small Business Development Discussed

Ms. Shabana Mansoory speaking to Education TV & Radio (ERTV)

Knowledge is the ultimate currency for entrepreneurs

“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Knowledge is becoming its unique form of currency.  However, unlike other currencies, it is increased when used and shared with others and does not decrease…Read more

Viewpoint: Changing the Perception and Image of Afghanistan

Afghanistan’s image, which should be associated with hospitality, crossroad of civilizations, home and cradle of Islamic scholars, historical poets and Sufis, amazing food, a land not bigger than the State of Texas blessed with breathtaking mountains (Pamir), lakes (Band-e-Amir), rivers, deserts, forests, home to wild life such as the snow leopard…Read more

Surrounded by Security, Afghanistan’s First Coworking Space Aims High

Few tech hubs are hidden behind concrete blast walls, barbed wire and a team of gun-toting security guards. There again this is Kabul’s – and Afghanistan’s – first ever coworking space. Berlin this most definitely is not…Read more

Founder Institute partners with Afghanistan Center for Excellence to support Afghan startups

The Founder Institute, the world’s premier idea-stage accelerator and startup launch program, has announced partnership between its Kabul Chapter and a local company, the Afghanistan Centre for Excellence (ACE), to support Afghan startups…Read more

Afghanistan: Kabul bread shop defies the economic gloom to thrive even as fighting with the Taliban increases

Businesses are closing, international aid agencies are winding up their operations and thousands of Afghans are fleeing abroad in search of better lives as fighting with the Taliban increases….Read more

Coworking gives people in Afghanistan a chance to reach global markets – Kamal Syed (Daftar)

Syed Kamal, one of the core team members of Afghanistan’s first ever coworking space, is a firm believer in coworking as a catalyst for change….Read more

How the Humble Naan is Feeding the Afghan Economy

The one thing that defines Afghan hospitality is their bread and tea. No Afghan meal or interaction is complete without at least one of these. Every meal, from breakfast to dinner, whether as part of a lavish spread or in humble servings, will always include the traditional bread and tea. It’s more than just food – it’s a culture…Read more

First Co-Working Space Opens in Afghanistan

The idea first started in New York City’s Soho district and arrived in Kabul’s Karte Seh—a recently rebuilt residential area. “[A] few years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the co-working space of a friend in New York,” says Suleman Fatimie,…Read more

Afghanistan’s first co-working space ‘Daftar’ fuels startup dreams

Violence and war have been never far from Suleman Fatimie. Born in Kabul in the 1980s, Fatimie’s family had to migrate to Pakistan as refugees when he was a year old due to the invasion of the Soviet…Read more