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Director of Skills Development and Coaching


Sarwar Ahadi serves at ACE as Director of Skills Development and Coaching. He has led curriculum development and training programs for dozens of projects implemented by ACE, with subjects ranging from Project Cycle Management to Emotional Intelligence. During his time with ACE Sarwar has provided instruction to hundreds of students from across Afghanistan. Like many from his generation, Sarwar spent part of his life in Pakistan, where his family fled during the years of unrest in the 1990s. After developing an affinity for English language studies, Sarwar taught English for seven years at the Asia Language Institute in Peshawar, Pakistan. Shortly after the Taliban regime was removed from power in 2001, Sarwar returned to Afghanistan and began his medical education at Kabul Medical University. After graduating with his medical degree in 2004, Sarwar joined the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), a prominent Bangladeshi non-profit which had made its first venture into international development in Afghanistan. Sarwar’s duties were in the training department, supporting the capacity building of BRAC field staff as well as civil society organization staff and Afghan Government employees. This included developing and delivering training modules, digitizing existing training modules, and coordinating training with Afghan Government and other non-government organizations (NGOs) in need of capacity building support. Following his experience with BRAC, Sarwar took a position with the Afghan Civil Society Forum Organization (ACSFo) as Organization Development Officer. He closely worked with other partner and beneficiary CSOs to develop their policies, procedures, and systems. This support for Afghan civil society continued when Sarwar joined the Management Capacity Program (MCP), a World Bank-funded program implemented by the Independent Administration Reform & Civil Services Commission (IARCSC). Sarwar was responsible for monitoring and evaluating the capacity development and reform agendas in various ministries and other Afghan Government entities. In 2013, Sarwar joined the Tawanmandi Project run by the British Council, where he served as Capacity Development Officer. His duties included developing the capacity for both Tawanmandi staff and the civil society organizations the project was supporting. Sarwar’s first experience with ACE was in 2015, when he joined the agency as a Capacity Building Officer. After a year spent helping develop ACE’s training programs, Sarwar joined Geopolicity Consulting Group as an M&E Specialist. His focus was examining the effectiveness of capacity building and capacity transfer at the World Bank’s Management Capacity Program (MCP), where he had previously performed internal M&E duties. In 2018 Sarwar returned to ACE, to assume the role of Director of Skills Development and Coaching. He plays in an instrumental role at ACE, helping the agency assess the training needs of its clients, develop training manuals and other support material, and both overseeing and directly providing instruction to students from a wide range of public, private, and development sector organizations.

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