Afghanistan Center for Excellence

Social Responsibility


ACE places a high value on corporate social responsibility. We are a private company and for profit but we make every effort to serve our community. Some of our projects include partnership with Kabul Municipality to develop and implement program to improve environmental hygiene and waste disposal; collaboration with wedding halls to avoid wastage of food and provide meals for less privileged members of community.

To date, we have funded the painting of 1000 houses on Koh-de-Afghanan (De Afghanan Hill) and supplied dozens of less privileged families with repurposed surplus food from our partner wedding halls.  ACE is also providing support to Kabul’s School for the Blind by supplying technical equipment and extending financial aid. We are committed to a more engaged and prosperous society for all, and we welcome partnerships in line with these goals.

  • Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE) is piloting a campaign “Don’t let good food go to waste – Donate it”. We are currently collecting surplus food from our two partner wedding halls (Qasr-e-Roya & Lucky Five) and repurposing it to provide meals for the less privileged members of our society.

    ACE aims to convert food surplus into social surplus by serving hundreds of more families in the coming months. This initiative is not only providing meals but also to create awareness on how to control food waste, while encouraging greater involvement from the community. ACE is in the process of creating partnerships with other wedding halls and civil society organizations in order to facilitate with food supply and distribution.

  • ACE, in partnership with ROSHAN, implemented a pilot Anti-Littering project.

    The selected neighborhood, famous as De Naw (behind Ministry of Water and Power), was the target of our anti-littering pilot campaign.  The garbage, in coordination with Municipality, was removed systemically.  The community mosque delivered Khutbas (Sermons) on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.  We also raised awareness among families and the role they can play in keeping their community clean. The dumping site has been converted into a mini-football field, which has become a key feature of community day to day life. Community walls have been painted with anti-littering messages. In addition, ACE also supported with the completion of a newly constructed community mosque.

  • ACE, in partnership with community social activists and Kabul Municipality, implemented a pilot project “Beautifying Kabul City”. ACE funded the painting of 1000 houses on Koh-de-Afghanan (De Afghanan Hill).  This was done in an effort to beautify Kabul city. ACE’s efforts were appreciated both by Kabul Municipality and the community, promising to continue the initiative by painting the remaining houses.

  • ACE had the honor of sponsoring the Afghanistan National Institute of Music’s event held at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on February 7th, 2013. The Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) is the first and foremost institution for the education and nurture of gifted young Afghan musicians. To a packed audience, students from ANIM played selections of traditional Afghan and Indian music as well as William Harvey’s “The Four Seasons of Afghanistan”, a recasting of Vivaldi’s masterwork in a thoroughly Afghan context.

  • In addition to ACE’s winter initiative, we provided support to Kabul’s School for the Blind by supplying technical equipment and extending financial aid. ACE provided:

    • 6 laptop computers and a printer;
    • The salaries for two of the school’s staff members for a total of 3 months; and
    • Stipends for transportation costs for female students.

    ACE is a member of the school’s governing council, providing advice and support to the management of the school on a regular basis.

  • ACE believes that when giving back, giving back during the winter season is most beneficial, as the winter months prove to be greatly difficult for unemployed and homeless Afghan individuals and communities. To help alleviate some of the struggles these people face, ACE conceptualized a winter initiative for the 2015-2016 season to help raise money for aid packages.

    After raising 5,000 USD, ACE distributed aid packages of food and hygiene goods to families in Maidan Wardak, Bamiyan, Logar, and Kabul – mostly to families headed by widows.