Project Manager


Ahmad Zia Andalib serves as the Project Manager for ACE’s Supporting Livelihood in Tajik-Afghan Cross Border Area (LITACA) project. Mr. Andalib believes in implementing projects effectively through both innovation and strong organizational protocols with the aim of addressing the challenges facing Afghan youth, developing youth skills, and ultimately improving Afghans’ access to sustainable livelihoods. Mr. Andalib brings a wealth of professional expertise to this mission; his extensive professional experience includes serving as Project Manager for UNICEF, as Trainee Coordinator for well-known organizations including GIZ, ACCI, and BaMSA, and as Government Coordinator for the Taskforce for Business and Stability Operations (TFBSO). Mr. Andalib has been integral to the success of ACE’s European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN) project, for which he served as Regional Coordinator in Herat Province. In that capacity, his responsibilities included regional oversight, counseling Afghan returnees repatriated from various European countries, and developing business reintegration plans for and with returnees. Mr. Andalib holds a bachelor’s degree from the Arts Faculty of Herat University and is an International Finance Corporation (IFC) Certified Trainer, certified by the World Bank in Islamabad, Pakistan.