Finance Manager


Arifa serves at ACE as a Finance Manager. Her duties include cash flow and expenditure documentation, assisting in the preparation of financial reports and statements, keeping track of receivables & payables, and briefing management on the financial status of the agency. Besides her expertise in the area of financial accounting, Arifa has also gained experience in career development support, training, and human resources management.


Arifa started career as an English instructor at the Galaxy Educational Society, where she planned and delivered lessons for Afghan youth. She then took a management position at the Rahyab Economics Association, coordinating activities with other associations, developing strategic plans for the organization, and undertaking day-to-day management duties.


In 2014, Arifa joined Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG) as a Job Development and Placement Assistant, in support of the USAID-funded Afghanistan Workforce Development Program. In this position she helped identify employment opportunities for Afghan youth, while also assisting them with the preparation of their CVs and cover letters. During the same period Arifa volunteered her time as a writer with the Afghan Women Writing project.  Later in 2014, Arifa was recruited by ACE to assist the agency in the area of financial accounting. Starting out as an Assistant Finance Officer, Arifa steadily rose within the agency to Finance Officer, and finally to Finance Manager in 2017.


Arifa earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics and Management in 2015, from Gowharshad University. She received her Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Kabul University, in 2018.