Project Assistant

Ms. Atiya Khairzad currently works as a Project Assistant at the Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE). Her specific role provides consultancy support to NES, an ITC-funded project at the EPD Directorate of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoIC). Prior to this role, she worked as a skilled project intern (assistant level) at ACE’s PriSEC project. She also completed a one-year internship program through USAID – Promote: Women in the Government (WIG), which included three months of on-the-job training at the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE).

Through her two years of experience, Ms. Khairzad has gained extensive knowledge and experience in Private Sector Development (PSD) related topics, including trade (export and import) and investment promotion, and has been fully engaged in business process mapping.

Ms. Atiya Khairzad received B.A. in Archaeology & Anthropology from the Social Science Faculty of Kabul University in 2017. In addition, she has completed an online course on introductory topics in archaeology and anthropology, theory, methods, Ddta management, and curation, from The University of Arizona Center for Middle Eastern studies (CMES). Furthermore, she has attended workshops in proposal writing, basic research methods, and data analysis and technical writing in 2018 and 2019. She is currently an ACCA student at AIBF (Afghanistan Institute of Banking & Finance).