KHANAGi, a bread shop serving homemade whole-wheat quality breads, pizza and Afghan delicacies, is established and managed by Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE). KHANAGi utilizes locally sourced toppings and sides (such as jams, pickled products, cheese, qiamaq) from families in Kabul. KHANAGi functions in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, providing economic opportunities and purpose to many more than merely the individuals working in the shop.


DAFTAR – first of its kind co-working space is established by Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE). DAFTAR provides start-ups, entrepreneurs, SMEs, professionals/consultants and freelancers with high quality office amenities at an affordable price. The interactive and collaborative atmosphere of the workspace gives access to all of the resources an idea/business needs to grow. Members of our co-working space ‘DAFTAR’ get more than just a desk space. They benefit from an engaging environment, shared skills and resources, increased motivation, an expanded network of professional contacts, and a sense of community.


SMEs and startups need a sound marketing strategy to succeed. Providing creative solutions, WeBrand is ACE’s graphic design and branding service. The team is comprised of talented Afghans who support companies/organizations in branding strategy, social media marketing, info-graphics and audio & videography. WeBrand provides market-driven and audience-based designs and solutions, tailored to an Afghan and/or an international audience. We partner with clients to create a marketing strategy that is aligned with their business goals, satisfies their customer needs, and strategically positions them for success.