Employment Services (ES) is one of the key services under HR Solutions at ACE. In the past five years, ACE ES has been a key contributor to employment market in Afghanistan by placing over 17,500 Afghan experts in local & international organizations.


Through ES, ACE is proud to contribute to reducing un-employment rate in Afghanistan by preparing and matching competent job seekers to renowned and professional organizations, as a result of which the frictional unemployment is avoided, the job seekers have a stable income with prestigious jobs and the organizations have competent staff from local market.


For Jobseekers


If you are unemployed and looking for a right-fit job; or if you are employed and looking for a better job, register yourself with ACE ES. Please:


  1. fill out the template, and
  2. send it to employment.services@ace.af . The subject line should be ACE-CV/Name



Preferred Candidates with following Education:

  • Bachelor/Master of Business Administration- BBA/MBA
  • Bachelor/Master of Economics (BSc/MSc. Economics)
  • Bachelor/Master of Public Administration (BPA/MPA)
  • Bachelor/Master of Computer Science-BCS/MCS
  • Associate of Chartered Certified Accountants- ACCA
  • Certified Accounting Technician (CAT)


For Employers


if you are having difficulty finding pool of qualified candidates for your vacancies, or having high turnover due to incompetent staff please follow the bellow approaches:

  1. Send your vacancy to us at taha.qahraman@ace.af
  2. (Optional) , and send a signed copy to taha.qahraman@ace.af for long-term cooperation.

Policy Statement

ACE has two types of emailing campaigns:


  • Email campaign for Job Seekers: ACE ES sends email to each job seeker to get their consent to sign up for ACE Employment Services by downloading the ACE CV template and sharing his/her information willingly as an active job seeker.
  • Email Campaign for Employers: ACE ES proactively sends email to organizations to introduce ACE Employment Services to them and seek partnership for recruiting qualified staff for that organization. The email addresses are collected from public sources such as internet, business directories, booklets and …etc.


ACE assumes that the organizations and individuals receiving the emails will benefit from our Employment Services. These individuals and organizations can easily unsubscribe from any emails in case they do not want to receive such emails in future.


Privacy Policy

  • ACE will not share, rent or sell customers’ email addresses from our database or emailing lists.
  • ACE will only use customers’ email address for introducing Employment Services related offers and events.
  • Customers’ email address will immediately remove from our list when the customer unsubscribes from the email serve.


Anti-Spam Policy

ACE strongly opposes and does not condone any form of spamming activity. ACE marketing welcomes any feedback on privacy or spam issues related to its initiatives and asks to report any spam activities. All ACE marketing (email campaign) activities will comply with Privacy Policy mentioned above.