Communication Intern


Farzana Matin is the Communication Intern for ACE’s technical support to PriSEC project, where she is excited to have the opportunity to support project objectives, further develop her communication and business skills, and build her network.

Ms. Matin holds a BBA from the American University of Afghanistan. In addition to her studies, she has worked as a volunteer for several organizations, including instructing orphans in math at the Samar Orphanage in Bamyan and working as an assistant to the Women Empowerment Center at Gawharshad University. Subsequently, Ms. Matin worked for a year and a half as a Resident Assistant and then as a Mentor at the American University of Afghanistan, where she helped the students to academically and socially integrate and to cultivate their personal development. In 2019, Ms. Matin became the Program Manager for the Scotland-based Linda Norgrove Foundation, where she represented the LNF within Afghanistan, supporting and facilitating oversight of the organizations funded by the LNF. Ms. Matin also has worked as a Finance Intern at Shuhada Organization, where she mastered basic financial skills.