Initiative to Strengthen Local Administrations (ISLA)

The purpose of this programme was to improve provincial governance in the areas of fiscal & development planning, public engagement, representation of citizens & enhanced delivery of public services in 16 provinces across Afghanistan. This programme strengthened the sub-national government system in Afghanistan to enable the government of Islamic republic of Afghanistan (GIoRa) to improve provincial governance & it’s functionality by fostering a combination of top-down & bottom-up consultative processes between central and provincial levels to formulate plans & budgets that align with local community priorities, national developmental priorities, & available resources.


Under this Project, ACE performed the following activities from October 2020 – December 2020


  • Developed an Inter-ministerial Advocacy and Communication Framework (IMACF) with specific workplan and follow up mechanism in consultation with MoEc, engaging ten (10) already identified key central line ministers and presented to ISLA for approval and sharing with MoEc.
  • Developed a presentation based on the approved outline and presented to ISLA for approval.
  • Held a consultation workshop with the already identified ten (10) Central Line Ministers in collaboration with the MoEc to collect the suggestions and feedback from the senior officials for drafting the IMACF.
  • Shared the first draft with work plan and follow-up mechanism with ISLA for review and approval.
  • An event management plan was developed by ACE and shared with ISLA for review and approval for conducting a one-day national conference the aim of which was Knowledge Sharing and engaging senior political and administrative officials from 16 target provinces.
  • An event management plan was developed and shared with ISLA for review and approval, as a result, ACE conducted a National Youth and Women conference in Kabul engaging youth and women representatives from 16 selected provinces.
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