Business Development Manager



Masood Ahmad serves as Business Development Manager at the Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE); in that role, his responsibilities include contributing to the organization’s strategic development, contacting potential new clients to establish rapport, researching business opportunities, drafting innovative concept notes, and liaising with potential new clients. Masood is deeply committed to thinking innovatively about project ideas, partnerships, and how the development of ACE’s portfolio can contribute to Afghanistan’s broader development. Prior to taking on the role of Business Development manager, Mr. Ahmad was the project officer for ACE’s European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN) Project; he went on to serve as Project Coordinator at ACE and also led the organization’s Reintegration Business Plan Development Unit. Before joining the ACE team in 2018, Mr. Ahmad was the Administrative and Finance Officer for the Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility (Harakat), where he contributed to the design and establishment of robust and appropriate financial infrastructure to ensure smooth day-to-day financial transactions and recordkeeping. Mr. Ahmad holds a BBA from Bakhtar University.