On 4 April 2019, the 2nd annual Human Resources (HR) Champions conference was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE) served as Event Partner, with Advanced Accounting LLC and the Institute of Business Studies (IBS) acting as lead organizers.


The event was attended by 206 participants from 95 organizations, with the objective of giving participants the most up-to-date knowledge and perspective about the HR field. Rafiullah Sherzad, the newly-appointed CEO of ACE, attended the event as an expert speaker.


Rafiullah spoke about the importance and trend of outsourcing HR activities in global and Afghanistan context. He explained the types and best practices of HR solutions services provided by expert HR firms. ACE is one of the leading HR Solutions provider in the market with past experience of co-employment of 250 Call Center Agents (CCAs) for Etisalat Telecommunication Company-Afghanistan for more than 3 years; and with current project of providing end-to-end HR services to 16 FTE for UNODC Alternative Development (AD) project in 13 provinces.


Rafiullah was awarded with shield of appreciation by AA LLC and IBS for his personal and ACE’s contribution to HR society in Afghanistan.



ACE Serves as Event Partner for HR Champions Conference

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