Communications & Creative Specialist


Sadam Zadran serves at ACE as a Communications & Creative Specialist. Sadam is a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to visual media production; he designs print material, logos and infographics, and also performs photography and videography assignments for ACE.


Sadam began his career in media working at SABA TV, an Afghan television station, as an Assistant Director for locally-produced dramas. After a year with SABA, Sadam joined the Killid Group, where he edited radio programs, prepared graphic designs, and covered events and news stories as a photographer.


In 2016, Sadam joined ACE in support of its creative agency WeBrand. WeBrand supports businesses in the startup and expansion phases to develop effective branding and visual media tools to promote products and services.


Sadam earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Kabul University, studying in the Cinema Department. His area of concentration was Film Direction.