Finance Assistant


Sahar Afshar serves as Finance Assistant at the ACE, where she is responsible for handling petty cash, preparing purchase orders, conducting data entry, and otherwise assisting with the organization’s financial operations. Ms. Afshar is driven by her desire to support Afghanistan’s sustainable development and to promote entrepreneurship in Afghanistan; prior to joining ACE, she was a volunteer at the 2018-2019 Afghan Women’s Summit, moderator at the Emerging Entrepreneur’s Summit, deputy director of the HR Committee for Kabul University Students’ Union, and deputy director at the Hult Prize-Kabul University Program in Kabul. She also served as programme assistant at the 2020 South Asian Economics Students’ Meet and attended the Women’s Leadership Program at the University of Kansas, USA, in 2019. Ms. Afshar has conducted original research on corporate social responsibility and on poverty and food security in Afghanistan and completed the Blossom Hill Fellowship Program, which supports quality education and sustainable development, in 2017. Ms. Afshar earned her BBA in Management and Business Administration from Kabul University.