At ACE, we believe teams are an asset – but it takes effective HR management to bring teams to their full potential. Delivering excellence every time, ACE offers the full spectrum of HR services according to the particular needs of our clients from staff recruitment to end-to-end HR outsourcing as a full Professional Employment Organization (PEO). We also pride ourselves on our proven ability to recruit and manage female staff, part of our long-standing commitment to gender equality.

Whether it is hiring a team for a one-time project or fully outsourcing your organization’s HR, our extensive experience managing business operations and HR in Afghanistan for satisfied clients such as Etisalat-Afghanistan, UNODC, and UNICEF demonstrate our capacity to successfully implement a wide range of HR solutions with the highest standard of quality. Your organization has important work to do-leave the HR to us.

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With our extensive expertise in the private sector, business development, trade, and economic development in Afghanistan, the Afghanistan Center for Excellence (ACE) offers advisory services to startups, SMEs, and larger, more established organizations on business acceleration and to domestic and international clients working on improving the Afghan economy on all aspects of private sector development.


To date, ACE has supported more than 100 SMEs and 20 employers in the banking, telecom, health and media sectors with general management and business advisory services to improve processes, strengthen decision-making capacities, and improve implementation capabilities. We have also worked with clients including the International Trade Centre (ITC), the World Bank (WBG), and GIRoA on projects ranging from contributing to development of the National Export Strategy to supporting the Executive Committee for Private Sector Development (PriSEC) on their mandate to improve the business environment in Afghanistan.


With renowned experts in trade, private sector development and SMEs and entrepreneurship, ACE offers an unparalleled value add to any organization looking to grow and improve as well as to stakeholders working more broadly to advance the Afghan economy.


With unparalleled local expertise, the Afghanistan Center for Excellence offers reintegration and resettlement services to Afghan migrants returning from Pakistan, Iran, or the EU as well as internally displaced Afghans.


We cooperate with all stakeholders including local partners, implementing organizations, foreign governments and the Afghan government to ensure safe, dignified and sustainable returns.


ACE is currently implementing reintegration projects with clients including the EU and UNDP. Our expert capacity in job creation and entrepreneurship, capacity building and skills development, and employment services allow us to offer a full package of support to Afghan returnees from airport pick up to advice on how to access legal, health, and educational services, psycho-social counselling, career counseling, employment services, business start-up support, and linkages to technical and vocational training.


ACE offers Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) services to domestic and international clients in diverse sectors including the non-profit, private, and public sectors. Having worked with clients including Mercy Corps (MC), the World Food Program (WFP), the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF), ACE offers an unparalleled service with proven local capacity on the ground and excellent quality in line with international standards.



To monitor projects, ACE first works to assess whether the targets for planned activities and outputs are being met. Second, ACE utilizes the opportunity to learn from current results. If the project is off track, the project team can identify what is not working and decide to change strategy or direction. ACE then drives project teams to utilize lessons learned to improve current project implementation.



ACE uses baseline, midline, and end-line evaluations to assess output, outcome and, if appropriate, impact level results of the project. ACE evaluations not only inform project teams and donors whether their projects have accomplished the intended goals, but also if projects can be replicated and upscaled and how projects may have contributed to the complex ecosystem beyond the confines of the project itself.