Skills Based Literacy Program

UNESCO contracted ACE to support the Deputy Ministry of Education for Literacy (DMoEL) of the Ministry of Education (MoE) to strengthen its capacity in implementing Skill Based Literacy (SBL). ACE to conduct Skill Based Literacy (SBL) training for about 1500 SBL courses facilitators and Literacy Department (LD) national and sub-national level selected staff from 30 provinces. ACE develop a course package to train all SBL facilitators and LD central and field level staff in new SBL instructional materials developed for four skills;

1) Tailoring, 2) Bee keeping, 3) Poultry Farming and 4) Dairy Products.

This training is expected to enhance the capacity of SBL facilitators and some relevant LD staff regarding how to teach the new SBL workbooks to learners in their working areas. It will also help LD to ensure better implementation of SBL literacy program in all the targeted locations.

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