Human Resource Manager


Taha Qahraman serves as Human Resource Manager at the Afghanistan Center for Excellence, where his responsibilities include ensuring ACE’s smooth day-to-day HR operations, identifying and nurturing relationships with key recruiting companies, developing and updating new employee orientations, and overseeing all pre-employment onboarding processes. In his extensive experience working in HR and related roles, Mr. Qahraman has developed a deep and meticulous understanding of how to nurture human capital to drive the success of both public and private organizations and institutions. In 2014, he began his professional career as Marketing Officer for Afghanistan Media Center. In 2016, he joined Accord Worldwide International Consultancy as HR Officer and Training Coordinator, and in that capacity, he honed his expertise in developing HR policies and training protocols, managing employee grievances, and maintaining healthy relationships with clients. Mr. Qahraman holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administrations from Dunya University in Kabul, Afghanistan.