Technical Support to PriSEC (Executive Committee on Private Sector Development)

PriSEC was established in 2017 to facilitate coordinate and follow-up on the implementation of private sector reforms priorities presented at London conference,
The World Bank Group contracted ACE to increase the effectiveness of PriSEC as the platform to drive private sector reforms in Afghanistan, using the PSD (Private Sector development) NPP (National Priority Program) as the umbrella framework. Major achievements of the project by ACE are as below:

• Conducted an assessment of PriSEC and its Secretariat;
• Revised the PSD NPP document and translated the document into Dari;
• Restructured PriSEC Working Groups;;
• Developed Working Group ToRs, PriSEC meeting templates and content packages
• Developed a Communication Strategy and Workplan;
• Aligned key stakeholders strategic plan with PSD NPP strategic priorities;
• Developed and managed PriSEC communications channels;
• Developed presentations and reports to Economic Committee of Council of Minsters;
• Conducted export mapping process;
• Established different technical sub-committees under WGs such as coordination committee for implementation of NES and ABC and value chain analysis for top 10 import and export items;
• Developed Public Private Dialogues (PPDs) concept and conducted PPDs in all regional zones of the country;
• Developed PSD NPP implementation plan concept (50 by 5, or 50/5);
• Developed 4 DBI Road maps (Paying Taxes, Getting Credit, Trading Across Borders, and Construction Permit);
• Conducted Capacity Building Programs for PriSEC members and key stakeholders; and
• Conducted 64 successful Working Groups meetings and 300 technical meetings.

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