KHANAGi Project manager

Ubaid ur Rahman Aziz serves as KHANAGi Project Manager at ACE. Mr. Aziz is responsible for a wide range of tasks at both KHANAGi branches. His roles include operational, administrative, human resources, marketing, and procurement responsibilities; he also manages and maintains customer, client, and donor relations to ensure KHANAGi’s sustainability.

Mr. Aziz received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Alkhair National University in Islamabad, Pakistan. He received his second bachelor’s degree in business administration from Ghazi Amanullah Khan University in Kabul. Mr. Aziz’s primary professional interest was in human resources and finances; during his university studies in Islamabad and Labore, Mr. Aziz undertook HR and accounts-related work. Mr. Aziz’s academic and professional qualifications are wide-ranging: He holds certifications from business administration and IELTS courses, and he speaks five languages. He also has earned certificates in technical areas, including in computer programs, networking, programming languages (including PHP and Visual Basic .NET), DBA, and DIT. Furthermore, Mr. Aziz holds a diploma in advanced computer hardware engineering, and possess varied software skills, including in MS Windows, MS Office, and Adobe Photoshop.

Even before he earned his university diploma, Mr. Aziz Traveled to the UAE, where he started his professional career as HR assistant manager. After completion of his contract in the UAE, he traveled to Istanbul, Turkey, where he served as an accountant in a multinational export-import company. Upon his return to his native Afghanistan, Ubaid was employed in varied roles, including security, electronic media, and research programs.