Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development Expert


Usman Hejran serves as Trade Facilitation and Industrial Development Expert for ACE’s Technical Support to Executive Committee on Private Sector Development (PriSEC).


Usman has over nine years of experience in the field of macroeconomics, policy, finance and management in government and international organizations such as The Ministry of Industries and Commerce, The Ministry of Finance, The Ministry of Economy and The International Monetary Fund (IMF).


Prior to joining ACE, Usman worked as an Economic Advisor to the Minister of Economy since December 2017, where he contributed to developing the “Productive Afghanistan Strategy“ as well as other economic policies and concepts. At the same time, Usman was leading ACE’s PriSEC project on behalf of the Ministry of Economy.


During his work as Technical Assistant to IMF, he was responsible for macroeconomic reforms, focusing on fiscal sustainability, financial sector development and stability, private sector development and investment and revenue mobilization.


Hejran has a Masters degree in Economic Policy Development from Istanbul University and a Bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Pune.