Project Coordinator


Zubair Ahmadi serves as Project Coordinator for ACE’s Australia Afghan Community Resilience Scheme (AACRS) project and for ACE’s ERRIN SRA (European Return and Reintegration Network) project. In these roles, he brings his commitment to effective and innovative project coordination to both projects’ day-to-day operations. He is responsible for coordination between relevant NGOPs and Afghan government partners, facilitating educational training, and evaluating the effectiveness of project training and activities. Zubair began developing his project oversight skills as Project Implementation and Tracking Officer at the Afghan Ministry of Education. Later that year, Zubair’s strong contributions brought him back to the Ministry of Education, where he served as Procurement Officer and as an assistant to the procurement director. Bringing his significant finance, HR, and project management skills to bear, Mr. Ahmadi then moved to AMR Group, where he served as Finance/HR Manager, overseeing all the financial operations within the company. Zubair earned his BBA degree in Business Administration from the American University of Afghanistan in Kabul, Afghanistan.