Afghanistan Center for Excellence | Barialy Ahmadzai
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Director of Finance & Administration


Barialy Ahmadzai serves as the Director of Finance & Administration at ACE. Prior to joining ACE in May 2017, Barialy served as Audit Supervisor at UNDP (as well as Team Leader for a number of assignments), Senior Auditor at Grant Thornton Afghanistan, and as an auditing consultant for an array of high-level assignments. Working at – and later, leading – the auditing division of Grant Thornton Afghanistan (a Member Firm of Grant Thornton International), Barialy gained extensive experience assessing the financial systems of clients from various industries. These include auditing and accounting standards such as IFRS, GAPs, ISAs, GAAS, USAID Audit, and Grant Management guidelines (ADS 303). Through his work at Grant Thornton, UNDP and earlier auditing assignments, Barialy gained expertise in key business processes, risk management procedures, accounting frameworks, internal control systems, and corporate governance.


Barialy is a full member of the Institute of Public Accountants of Australia, an associate member of the Institute of Financial Accountants in the United Kingdom, and holds a Chartered Accountant Intermediate certificate from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. Barialy earned a Master of Business Studies from the University of Pakistan, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Hazara in Mansehra, Pakistan.