Afghanistan Center for Excellence | Suleman Fatimie
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Managing Partner


Suleman Fatimie is the Managing Partner at ACE, which he founded in 2013. Prior to the launch of ACE, Suleman served in a number of high-level positions in the public, private, and development sectors in Afghanistan. Notable positions include CEO of Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG), CEO of Harakat – Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility, CEO of the Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan (EPAA), and Vice President at the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA). Suleman’s professional career began at AISA, where he accepted a management-level position after completing his graduate education. He was soon promoted to Vice President at the agency, where he supervised activities in investment promotion, investor support, business licensing operations, policy development, and economic research.


After three years serving in this position, Suleman was prepared to assume leadership at EPAA, shifting his focus from investment promotion to export promotion. At EPAA, Suleman was responsible for designing export-development tools, while also advising and advocating for the creation of an enabling environment for competitive exports. He also coordinated and advised Afghan Government stakeholders on export promotion and development strategy and policies. In his second year at EPAA, the agency was recognized as the “Best Trade Promotion Organization from a Least Developed Country” by the International Trade Centre (ITC). Following two eventful years leading EPAA, Suleman took the helm at Harakat, a grant facility managing a portfolio of $50 million dollars. In two years with Harakat, Suleman oversaw 40 grants approved for entities in the Afghan Government, private sector, and civil society. His duties at Harakat included providing input to the Board of Directors to facilitate funding of impact-oriented projects, ensuring that Harakat delivered results based on the key performance indicators set by its Board of Directors, and raising funds from the international donor community.


Suleman’s next endeavor was with Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG), which had recently undergone a transition from focusing purely on financial services to providing a wider range of support to private and development sector organizations. While Suleman served in several executive positions (including CEO), his energy was primarily directed towards the development of a cutting-edge skills development and business consultancy within the group. This consultancy, the Afghanistan Center for Excellence, was spun off as an independently-owned, distinct legal entity in 2013. At ACE, Suleman sets the strategic direction of the agency, provides consultation to clients (especially in the areas of economic development and trade), and is responsible for executive supervision for ACE’s diverse array of projects.



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